The Larousse is very brief 'Tasting is appreciated by taste, flavor and the qualities of a solid or liquid food. 'On the other hand, Professor Émile Peynaud declares 'the tasting is both an art and a science, so we can say that you can learn and be taught.' The wine list is a result of our efforts to improve the dining experience in our restaurant. We invite you to discover the world of wine through these pages.

Spanish Bellota Ham D.O. Guijuelo26.75 €
1.85 €
1/2 Spanish Bellota Ham18.50 €
Assortment of Iberian, Ham,Cured Pork Loin and Salchichon 24.85 €
Assortment of Iberian, Ham,Cured Pork Loin 24.85 €
Cheese Great Craftsman Reserves17.50 €
Marinated Tuna26.50 €
Anchovies in Brine of the Cantabrian one (price by unit)5.50 €
Cured tuna bluefin (price by unit) 6.75 €
Cured tuna bluefin Roe (price by unit) 11.85 €
Russian Salad13.20 €
Terrina Mi-Cuit with Jam of Onion and tomato marmalade 22.50 €
Carpaccio of Shrimps with Tartar of Smoked and Tomato Raf 24.50 €
wagyu jerky31.84 €
Carpaccio of Sirloin with Reggiano Parmesan and Pepper 24.50 €
Tartar of Red Tuna With Avocado25.50 €
Bread and Alioli2.75 €
Cod Fritters with Garlic Mayonaise 15.50 €
16.75 €
Domestic croquettes of Iberian Ham 15.50 €
15.50 €
Liver of Duck to the Plate with Reduction of Oporto28.50 €
Cuttlefish(Sepia) of the Mediterranean grandma's style19.86 €
Grilled Octopus with Paprika Mashed Potatoes25.50 €
6.50 €
Fresh squid of the Bay Grill (300gr, Aprox.) 24.95 €
Squids fried to the Andalusian style19.50 €
17.50 €
Scrambled eggs with young garlic and prawns19.50 €
Prawns with Garlic33.00 €
Potatoes with Eggs, Ham of Acorn and Peppers of Poll19.95 €
Mussels15.00 €
15.40 €
Foie's salad with Micromezclum(different salad vegetables) Vinaigrette of You Happen(Pass) and Chardonnay19.50 €
Rúcula's salad with Micromezclum(different salad vegetables), Cheese of Goat, You Happen(Pass) and Ham of Duck17.50 €
Smoked Salad with Micromezclum(different salad vegetables) Vinaigrette of Citrus fruits19.74 €
Salad of the House (tomato, lettuce, egg, tuna, Navarrese asparagus etc ..)14.75 €
Burrata Salad with Dry Tomato and Pine Nuts21.50 €
Raf Tomato with Tuna Onions and Olives16.75 €
12.50 €
Red Prawns (Price 100 grams)22.00 €
Shrimp (price 100 grams)18.00 €
Sea crab (price 100 grams)18.00 €
Sea Crab Small (price 100 grams)13.00 €
Oysters (price by unit)5.50 €
Caviar Irani Beluga 30Gr.155.00 €
Caviar 50grs. Irani Beluga 255.00 €
Soup of Shellfish18.50 €
Consomme of fowl12.50 €
Salmorejo (Gazpacho Cordobes with Jamon and Hard Egg Shavings)14.50 €
Mellow rice of Monkfish and Dublin Bay 22.50 €
Mellow rice of Lobster33.00 €
Mellow Rice of Crab25.75 €
Rice Batiste (monkfish, vegetables and cuttlefish and squid ink)21.50 €
Paella of Shellfish25.50 €
Mixed Paella21.50 €
Paella of Vegetables18.50 €
Rice to Band18.76 €
Black rice 19.50 €
Rice Señoret ( Monkfish,Shelfish and Cuttlefish)21.50 €
Fideúa (Noodles) with Shellfish19.50 €
Rice of Tuna with Vegetables20.50 €
Rice of Rabbit with Vegetables 22.50 €
Fideua (Noodle) with Loin18.50 €
Rice of loin with vegetable18.50 €
Black Fideua of Thin Noodle 18.50 €
Fresh sole of the Bay28.50 €
Fresh sole to the Menier29.76 €
29.85 €
Sea bass Grilled29.50 €
Wild turbot Grilled 29.95 €
Tataki of Tuna 28.50 €
Wild fish to the Salt or to the Oven (I price for kilo)55.00 €
Old Cutlet Premium ( Price per kilogram)90.00 €
Eight Year Old Cow Cutlet (price per kilogram)67.50 €
Twelve Years Old Cow Cutlet (price per kilogram)105.00 €
Entrecote of Veal to the Ember 500 Gr.45.00 €
Steak Tartar34.50 €
Entrecote of Veal to the Ember25.50 €
Entrecote of Veal to the Ember with Sauce of Pepper ó Sauce Roquefort27.50 €
Sirloin Steak to the Ember29.50 €
Sirloin Steak to the Ember with Sauce of Pepper ó Sauce Roquefort33.00 €
Sirloin Steak With Foie35.00 €
Chateaubriand (portion 2 People)67.50 €
Grilled lamb chops24.50 €
Cordon Bleau26.50 €
Apple Tatin with Ice Cream(to ask with the food, time of preparation 20 minutes)11.50 €
Cheese Cake with Jam of Fruits of the Forest8.50 €
Tier Cake of Three Chocolates9.50 €
Sherbet of Lemon to the Champaign7.76 €
Sherbet of Mandarin7.76 €
Tiramisú8.50 €
Assorted ice creams The Jijonenca8.74 €
Pineapple crepe filled with passion fruit and mandarin sorbet9.75 €
Profiteroles with Ice cream and Warm Chocolate9.50 €
Fried milk with Soup of Nougat and Ice Cream Vainilla9.75 €
Coulant of Chocolate with Ice Cream (to ask with the food, time of preparation 20 minutes)11.50 €
Seasonal fruit8.50 €